Jaydle journal

  1. Bash scripts to Java processbuilder program migration.
  2. Add jmenubar and add action (used inner class)
  3. Implemented JFileChooser
  4. Implemented swingworker class doinbackground
  5. Object serialization to store save directory data
  6. Used system property variables for default save directory
  7. Initialize .ser file to store data.
  8. ID3Tag viewer implementation, using mpatric mp3agic
  9. Used jtable to display id3 tags
  10. Windows YouTube-dl execution program write but it needs ffmpeg to extract audio, this is not done
  11. Wrote JaydleMusicManager which can handle MP3 files ID3 tags and move other directory
  12. Put in order eclipse project file (not pushed to GitHub yet)

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