The second nearest Supermarket exhibited taking Tuna to pieces show

Recently I don’t want to eat Sashimi after I got stomach ache because of Sashimi. It came back after for a while sometimes about over 1 month. Placebo like short period stomach ache continued.

A female child started cry in front of the Sushi corner in the supermarket.

I realized the show when I walked to take a shredded cabbage pack.

I thanked to the tuna life, and past through…

Japanese fishermen perhaps regard tuna fish as a big eater(gluttony).

Eats sea production too much. Whales also in the same context.

Personally, I feel there are mysterious ecology of wild lives, and we shouldn’t decide them as just big eaters easy.

After fishes regarded as having no pain nervous system, there treatment got worse. Curse of scientific research isn’t it?

As a spectacular, I’m 😭

I went to there to get cigarettes and soda.

But tuna is great taste….

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