Windows Administrating: Install OpenJDK 1.8

To begin from the result had to uninstall old Oracle jdk (1.6) to use Openjdk 1.8 because of priority problem I guess. But it made can’t open jar file by double click the file…

So if you will, take responsibillity…

Today I installed Eclipse Oxygen to clean installed Windows 7 on NEC LaVie laptop which I call “dee-jay” because this is for Traktor DJ.

And when lauching Eclipse it said like “Need newer JDK than 1.6”.
So I downloaded the source from here.

Here I heard “Windows i586” for the first time.
But it was not problem so. Just CPU architecture (guess old).

After downloaded the zip extracted to “Program Files” directory.
And added the path to “Environmental Variables”.
But it kept using 1.6 JDK.
Configuring “JAVA_HOME” environment variable was not effective too.

Finally I uninstalled old “Oracle JDK 1.6” from the “Control Panel” > “Uninstall Softwares”.
This was great. 1.6 jdk was at “System32” directory whereis high priorities.

I used

start — this start programs in the search path.
path — this displays path variable values.
(setx path “%path%; this is useful to set path variable)

commands on Command prompt.

And now fighting to Clone git repository on eclipse LoL.


Eclipse error:Editor does not contain a main type or cannot be resolved to a type

eclipse error.jpeg


To begin from the cause and solve method…


This statement causes all errors which eclipse said “cannot be resolved to a type” or something like that error.

It highlighted as red circle X, and the others are red light objects.
It said all of my original objects in the class are “cannot be resolved to a type” or something wrong.

From terminal (command line), I tried to compile and error occurred, it pointed

masa@em-p:~/Public/git/jaydle-project/jaydle-project$ javac src/jaydle/ 
src/jaydle/ error: <identifier> expected

So commented out the line,

all of errors disappeared and Mose came. lol.


I tried configure “Java build path” but it wasn’t effective.

Eclipse configuration is hard. And error detective system this case reverse effected….

See you!