Starting writing about RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

First I wanna introduce a great software on Linux and Windows. (Sorry for Macintosh users, hope you can find another ones)
Github site seemed has OSX versions…

This software simply stops over typing.

Very effective software to avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries worse!


I switched keyboard layout from QWERTY to DVORAK.

I realized QWERTY touch typing is overloading my arms (tendons) because of the layout it self ( it constrains overload to each hands ), and this speed…

Continuous speedy touch typing damages RSI arms so fast.


I’m planning to introduce my medicines, experiences, books, … knowledge. 😁

I’m not succeeded to compile

not yet…


Jaydle Development Journal:JA(va) Y(outube)D(l)-E(xtended)

I’m going to make post about note of jaydle development.
This is program which enhance youtube-dl command.

First I made prototype in bash.

It can download simultaneously and can download by just search keywords.

“jaydle -keywords tsunami disasters”

will downloads result videos top 10 automatically.
And I have numbering option from the top search result.
So you can know the order of search result after downloading.

But this shell script needing edit somehow. LoL.

I’m planning to make public journal of Jaydle development. e.g. Implementing SwingWorker, Menu bar, Serialization of the store path, …

So watching me!!!

Programming column: A programming unified viewand

My case fun of programming started from bash script. Was really wanted to accustomed with unix or Linux culture bought tons of unix used books mainly under $10.. lol.

Before that I learned Java but it’s hard to living well with OS ( computing environment). Especially make files, directories, reading, writing, using regular expression and co-operating with environment.

Bash is perfect for co-work with the environments. But not Object Oriented so hard to code maintain and manage.

Once you got through one bash book ( My case O’reilly’s “Learning bash shell” Second edition maybe) u will be interested in Sed & Awk.

Sed is “Stream EDitor” by my memory. This using ed text editor inside might be? Ed is very old text editing program. AT&T Bell Lab’s product. Line orient and matrix(mother) of Vi text editor. It won’t even display whole text. 🤓 Because it’s for printer type display(teletype). In the era no crt display and printed to papers. So this was efficient for paper printer.

Awk is acronym for “Adrian will kome “. 🤕

This is splendid language, Jon Bentley was attracted . Perl’s main influencer..

Python is made by masters of low or middle level languages. There are tons of splendid libraries, functions and programming style guide lines.

The point of the view rom function builder on Java, python or frameworks like angular are built arts by the hackers.

Now they must be loving Arduino or Raspy because that’s EECS “Ying and Yang”.

Compiler knowledge is essential.


Almost Unix commands are written in C.
But those are very small programs. Like things between programs and API.
Programming approach history is getting generality as it in mathematical description.
Unix commands are more like organic, C? Lol.
I thought like this when reviewing Grep command usage and bash programming.

To be continued,,,

Writing “sleep or suspend script” for JACK and qjackctl

JACK is weak for suspend because it needs to be stopped and restarted when come back from suspend. So I’m trying to write suspend script which stop JACK before go to suspend mode and start after come back from sleep.

First stop and start qjackctl command is below.

dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.stop


dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.start


Now I have very simple script that very useful when come back from suspend mode because it stop and restart qjackctl automatically. That is

dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.stop && dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.start

Actually this is enough useful. Lol. But I will try to make better one.

It use

sudo pm-suspend

command. The problem is needs sudoers configuration to use pm-suspend command.
Without this “sudo pm-suspend” in bash shell script won’t do anything.

sudo -S pm-suspend

will work, it receives password from a terminal and will suspend.
And this is almost perfect except for security problem

password='Hacker\'s password'
echo $password | sudo -S pm-suspend

It won’t require to input password interactively.

#Suspend script for JACK(qjackctl)
#First stop JACK and go to suspend
dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.stop
echo $password | sudo -S pm-suspend

Then, this should be assigned with hot key on GUI manager on Ubuntu.

And I guess restart script is harder because I should research mechanism and the script path which automatically done when return from suspend mode.

My plan was logging about sudoers configuration but now I think i can go with this.

I will write again soon. Bye.😀




Personal Memo: SwingWorker class study note (English)

24, Oct, 2018 Wed

Memo to know how to use “SwingWorker” class

publish() is connected with process()

Publish() is used in doInBackground() and send data chunk to process().

T – Result type
V – Type for intermediate result

In processBuild() which is my own, I could’t invoke publish() method.
publish() is method should used in doInBackground() method..
How it be written to process method which takes arguments in doInBackground()?

Reference site

MultiThreading is natural.
Practically Swing suppose to launch several threads.

First post end. To be continued…


とりあえずLibreOffice Writer似とったメモを貼っておく🙃




 簡単 うまくいった



JMenuItemオブジェクトのメソッド addActionListenerからactionPerformedメソッドを実行する


  ダウンロードボタンも少し修正した(JFrameActionListenerを実装せずに内部クラスで実装した)Screenshot from 2018-10-23 22-18-21



class ButtonListener implements ActionListener

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)










  • showOpenDialog()showSaveDialog()メソッドと使うのが最も簡単

  • showDialog()も使える

  • 上記のメソッドはそれぞれユーザがどのようにダイアログを終わらせたかを表す整数のステータスコードを返す

  • もし返却された値がAPPROVE_OPTIONならば、ユーザはファイルを選んだ、それはgetSelectedFile()メソッドから得ることができる












c JARファイルの作成
f ファイル名の決定
v 内容のリストをverboseモードで
m   マニフェストファイルから値と名前を特定する
-C はfileオペランドで指定されたファイルを処理する際にディレクトリが一時的に変更される





     applications - がメインメソッドを含むクラス
     practice -  がメインクラスで使った依存するクラス




javac -d ../JaydleBuild/ applications/ 
javac -d ../JaydleBuild/ practice/




masa@em-p:~/Desktop/git/JaydleBuildTest$ tree
├── applications
│   └── JaydlePrototype01.class
└── practice
    └── IOMethods.class

2 directories, 2 files





Manifest-Version: 1.0
Main-Class: applications.JaydlePrototype01



masa@em-p:~/Desktop/git/JaydleBuildTest$ jar cmf Manifest.txt JaydleJarTest.jar ../masa-examples/



masa@em-p:~/Desktop/git/JaydleBuildTest$ jar cmf Manifest.txt JaydleJarTest.jar .


Screenshot from 2018-10-21 22-56-14

jar コマンドで実行可能な JAR ファイルを作成する | まくまく Java ノート




注 Youtube-dlコマンドがターミナルから起動できることが条件です。


Learning About “ActionPerformed” Method And Around “Actions” In JAVA Swing


javax.swing.Action interface

David Flanagan著
JAVA FOUNDATION CLASSES IN A NUTSHELL, A Desktop Quick Reference (O’reilly) 1999, First Edition より

Chapter 3 – Swing Programming Topics – Actions (P26)





To be continued ..


Changing Display Brightness on iMac Ubuntu

Screenshot from 2018-10-20 11-32-35.png

My iMac Ubuntu is hard to change display brightness.

It needs terminal command. By the way have to burn chips again😍 Repair man!



file by text editor or

echo 100 | sudo tee brightness

I was making shell script to do this like

#To change iMac display brightness

echo $1 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl1/brightness

But use sudo command in a shell script is pretty hard.


sudo "User Command"


masa@em-p:/sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl1$ sudo 
sudo: command not found

Because of /etc/sudoers .

Recommended edit by visudo.


Run Gauche Interpreter on Eclipse with SchemeScript Plugin

First you supposed to have Gauche interpreter on your system.


And install Eclipse plugin from

Help > Install New Software

Work with:


And configure from

Eclipse > Preferences > Scheme > Interpreter > External Interpreter

Command line:

gosh -i
Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Scheme

and launch Scheme perspective.

Menu > Scheme > Select Interpreter > External Interpreter

And start interpreter.

Good luck😂

Gauche Eclipse