Daily memo 190129 Tue

First of all, forgot to go to TSUTAYA at 28th day when has number 8. The days have number 8 are 50% off cd rental…

I planned to rent Lion King OST, Hakuna Matata this is it.

Today cleaned my room, put books to a 📦 , read books around.

Unix philosophy, The weblog handbook, Dive into python…

Ai, leverage, web links collection

A primer on scientific programming with python

I read. It’s recently fashionable style way of writing tempo, and intriguing that it’s essential mathematical programming.

The academic hackers style😅

My name is Masa -> mather

Not mother 😂

So will write about math.

I’m planning start from facilitating my “Plotting program in Java and swing”. Because this includes a lot of important math elements. It’s think like a numerical world creatures…

Or something like secrets of arithmetics 😏

Fashion doesn’t sleep BY Hennes and Mauritz


Fashion doesn’t sleep

H and M


Mountain wild cats don’t sleep

トム・ベンジャー Tom benger?


The more evils more having sleep

作者不詳 Jp proverb


Nakamura sleeps longly

中村匡孝 Masataka Nakamura

笑 😂