Review the weeks : February at Sunday

This week was relatively sunny so could go walking and short running again.

But couldn’t watch stars because the night sky weren’t clear so much.

Put in ordered books to boxes, and reflowing imac video card seems successful ✌️

Big Bang theory season 2 ended with North Pole story, my body condition is not so good.

My arms hurt so much.

Birds singing aloud.

Holy weekend 🤝

Read the bible✌️




4th week Sun,24, Feb, 19

Today Monday, I couldn’t to write at Sunday…

I could watch stars last night at the nearest small park Asunaro.

It was relaxing time, so clear cool air was comfortable to inhale.

Could recognized Orion at least.


My RSI is same o same. But found nice japanese medical site.


Free 14 days trial is enough. Don’t forget save pages as HTML files.

Trying injection treatment for my RSI.

Learned to shutdown pc and rest method this weekend…

iMac recommended to only sleep…


This weekend: Thought about RSI 190210 Sun

Realized that I’m workaholic and can’t rest, relax, do hobby things naturally.

This is my root of the cause of this disease maybe.

Should enjoy normal life of past like do really want to do except for training related things, e.g. Study, self investment, administrating computers…

Forget about capitalism and return to liberty mind like children. 😂

Winter is hard for RSI sufferers.

About RSI : Thinking about to be healed

I started to think 15 min about heal my arms, neck, shoulder pain every morning using iPhone google calendar “Plan the day”.

Today introduce trigger point injection.

This is very effective, but by your own responsibility ok?

Anywhere ok this is for my tendon sheath inflammation.

Maybe I will continue this treatment. Dangerous?🦉

Starting writing about RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

First I wanna introduce a great software on Linux and Windows. (Sorry for Macintosh users, hope you can find another ones)
Github site seemed has OSX versions…

This software simply stops over typing.

Very effective software to avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries worse!


I switched keyboard layout from QWERTY to DVORAK.

I realized QWERTY touch typing is overloading my arms (tendons) because of the layout it self ( it constrains overload to each hands ), and this speed…

Continuous speedy touch typing damages RSI arms so fast.


I’m planning to introduce my medicines, experiences, books, … knowledge. 😁

I’m not succeeded to compile

not yet…