Music from Youtube: Ami Suzuki “Love the island”


My new demo song reminded me this song.

The the words of this song spiked me.

Wanna listen 12 times.😤


※love the island 過ぎてゆく 小さい毎日が 気まぐれと ずっと遊んでいたら こんなに時がすぎていた

※※love the island 忘れない はじめて夜空の下で 抱き合っていたい やっとわかった あなたを思い出しすぎている

ゆっくりと静かに 気付かれず忘れたい

綺麗に焼けていく肌と 乾いてる心を 慰めてくれるのは 街並みのイルミネーション

また今度ってじらされて 涙も流したかもね 何だって教えてくれた あの夏を忘れられない

love the island 深呼吸 している 座り込んで 愛は結局出会っても 不安で何も楽になれない

本当はあなたの 目の前で思いきって 泣いてみたり笑ってみたり 怒ってみたりさせて欲しかった
穏やかな一日も あなたへの想いはつのる

海を3時間ちょっと 飛行機で飛び超えた

空港ではきかえた サンダルがちょっとてれてる

また出直しだから いくらでもどうにでもなる

旅立ちの季節かな? 少しだけ夢を見させて
※love the island 過ぎてゆく 小さい毎日が 気まぐれと ずっと遊んでいたら こんなに時がすぎていた

※※love the island 忘れない はじめて夜空の下で 抱き合っていたい やっとわかった あなたを思い出しすぎている

ゆっくりと静かに 気付かれず忘れたい mu…





Roland Space Echo RE-201 fix

My precious effecter  Space Echo RE-201’s pinch roller was crushed by mistake.
I used cleaner for tape deck’s pinch roller made of alcohol and ionic water.
And it was too much. That made its rubber harder and slippy.
Echo became dull, noisy and noncontinuous.

But silicon oil spray and sand paper treatment recovered, at least using tape leader pole.

I cleaned spring reverb also.
Touch spring directory makes awesome sound told youtube.


Free writing 29, June, 2018, Friday nightspringReverbRe201-2Re201PinchRoller

DTM, Digital Audio Instruments Memo

Midi Thru

“What is a MIDI Thru?
A MIDI thru port provides a copy of the MIDI signal arriving at a corresponding MIDI in port. The data from the MIDI THRU socket can then go forward to the MIDI IN socket of another receiving device. … Software elements involved with routing MIDI data in computers are sometimes called MIDI thru utilities.”
Machine Drum’s Midi machine won’t output signal to Midi Thru.
That’s natural, but able to routing Midi signal from MachineDrum Midi machine to Midi Thru was preferable in my case…


Local Control

Midi Sync (Start, Stop, Clock)

Unsolved: Start Pattern of SP303 from MachineDrum


Akai s3000XL – Floppy Disk Drive cable replacement.

Normal FC-40P Data Cable replaceable? — Flat cable?

I have also S900, I heard it can use Zip drive.


I’m considering connect Mo drive to Akai S3000XL by this cable.

SCSIケーブル DB25オス-HDB50オス

Akai S3000XL archive of official page

My Ubuntu could install Mesa by wine but couldn’t Launch…

This site seems funny

I remember, Once I replaced Akai S900 floppy disk drive and EL Back-light.
*Floppy drive
*Flat cable

Unsolved: How to use NI AUDIO 10 Audio interface on Ubuntu

pavcontrol = PulseAudio Volume Control

Maybe I should configure .asoundrc

Reference here:

This is for AUDIO 6, not for 10.
And I also have configure for wine.



@”test stream w/ sound alsa loopback”

asoundrc = ALSA configure file. Usually at $HOME/.asoundrc

??? Can I check AUDIO10 device from my terminal?
??? How to check my alsa firmware version?



pcm.NAME {
 type hw # Kernel PCM
 card INT/STR # Card name or number
 [device] INT # Device number (default 0)
 [subdevice] INT # Subdevice number, -1 first available (default -1)
 mmap_emulation BOOL # enable mmap emulation for ro/wo devices

Source code

Alsa firmware source code ( Now not used, for reference)

#hotplug #firmware #driver #loader #alsa-tools #

DTM Error

What I met errors today.

1. Cables length lacks

2. Traktor 2 ratency problem on my DIY PC

3. S3000XL “cannot deleted loaded flash sample” problem
Vol problem? Certainly in the past I could delete.
=> It was item delete, from “edit sample” I could delete samples!!!

4. My PC software doesn’t receive Midi keyboard outputs.



Error: Couldn’t open cd-rom of “MAKING MUSIC WITH SAMPLES” by Daniel Duffell

First it was recognized as protected Audio cd.
But actually it is files and directories.

Path of track 8 was
‘/run/user/1000/gvfs/cdda:host=sr0/Track 8.wav’

If I could resolve this I will keeping continue.😘


180401 add

I tried to install Traktor 2 in Ubuntu but CD-ROM didn’t recognized.
I guess that caused by change mount settings when modified it to use dvd-shrink on wine in Ubuntu.

#cd-rom for wine
#/dev/sr0 /mnt/dvd auto ro,user,noauto,unhide 0 0

I commented out 2nd line at /etc/fstab resolved this error to read Traktor Installer CD-ROM.


sudo gvim /etc/fstab


And Logout cleared this setting and resolved.

Beginning Ardour memo, Configure JACK, AlSA,PulseAudio

My iMac broken and I can’t use Logic. And I started using Ubuntu.
I try using Ardour which is DTM software in Linux.

・First Audio/MIDI setup.

Jack or ALSA?

“… but to me JACK seems to be a kind of professional enhancement and supplement of ALSA.” Quote from here

What is JACK?😞

JACK is acronym for JACK Audio Connection Kit. This is recursive acronym.

… a professional sound server daemon that provides real-time, low-latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API.
… has been a key piece of infrastructure and the de facto standard for professional audio software on Linux since its inception in 2002. The server is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL, while the library is licensed under the more permissive GNU LGPL.

from Wikipedia.

=> JACK is a sound server

14, March 2018

To be continued


???? Firefox’s audio error after launch JACK.
=> need plugins.
in Ubuntu “libasound2-plugins”.

=> edit ~/.asoundrc to use it


ALSA aplay utility like this: aplay -D pcm.jack
#ALSA aplay utility#rawjack#pcm.jack

aplay -D pcm.jack '/home/masa/Downloads/Dragonfire-0.9.7/ten_digits.wav'

after start jack and this command, sound file played.


JACK web site –

I was reading README file in src, and found

#JACK #Kernel #Fedora

Tue 20 Mar 18

To be continued