Maintenance and repair of my DTM equipment: Roland M-160 analog line mixer

Today I changed “Roland M-160 analog line mixer” power supply cable.

I used microphone cable as substitute to power cable.

This was very effective to improve the sound.

Countenance becomes musical, sensitive, and comfortable.

Nice low and middle range.

Some regretting points exist.

Later… also about failed pan bots cleaning…

CCLAW changing city’s landscape and the www lyric image








一人で生きる それがわからない




Writing “sleep or suspend script” for JACK and qjackctl

JACK is weak for suspend because it needs to be stopped and restarted when come back from suspend. So I’m trying to write suspend script which stop JACK before go to suspend mode and start after come back from sleep.

First stop and start qjackctl command is below.

dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.stop


dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.start


Now I have very simple script that very useful when come back from suspend mode because it stop and restart qjackctl automatically. That is

dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.stop && dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.start

Actually this is enough useful. Lol. But I will try to make better one.

It use

sudo pm-suspend

command. The problem is needs sudoers configuration to use pm-suspend command.
Without this “sudo pm-suspend” in bash shell script won’t do anything.

sudo -S pm-suspend

will work, it receives password from a terminal and will suspend.
And this is almost perfect except for security problem

password='Hacker\'s password'
echo $password | sudo -S pm-suspend

It won’t require to input password interactively.

#Suspend script for JACK(qjackctl)
#First stop JACK and go to suspend
dbus-send --system /org/rncbc/qjackctl org.rncbc.qjackctl.stop
echo $password | sudo -S pm-suspend

Then, this should be assigned with hot key on GUI manager on Ubuntu.

And I guess restart script is harder because I should research mechanism and the script path which automatically done when return from suspend mode.

My plan was logging about sudoers configuration but now I think i can go with this.

I will write again soon. Bye.😀




Music from Youtube: Ami Suzuki “Love the island”


My new demo song reminded me this song.

The the words of this song spiked me.

Wanna listen 12 times.😤


※love the island 過ぎてゆく 小さい毎日が 気まぐれと ずっと遊んでいたら こんなに時がすぎていた

※※love the island 忘れない はじめて夜空の下で 抱き合っていたい やっとわかった あなたを思い出しすぎている

ゆっくりと静かに 気付かれず忘れたい

綺麗に焼けていく肌と 乾いてる心を 慰めてくれるのは 街並みのイルミネーション

また今度ってじらされて 涙も流したかもね 何だって教えてくれた あの夏を忘れられない

love the island 深呼吸 している 座り込んで 愛は結局出会っても 不安で何も楽になれない

本当はあなたの 目の前で思いきって 泣いてみたり笑ってみたり 怒ってみたりさせて欲しかった
穏やかな一日も あなたへの想いはつのる

海を3時間ちょっと 飛行機で飛び超えた

空港ではきかえた サンダルがちょっとてれてる

また出直しだから いくらでもどうにでもなる

旅立ちの季節かな? 少しだけ夢を見させて
※love the island 過ぎてゆく 小さい毎日が 気まぐれと ずっと遊んでいたら こんなに時がすぎていた

※※love the island 忘れない はじめて夜空の下で 抱き合っていたい やっとわかった あなたを思い出しすぎている

ゆっくりと静かに 気付かれず忘れたい mu…




Roland Space Echo RE-201 fix

My precious effecter  Space Echo RE-201’s pinch roller was crushed by mistake.
I used cleaner for tape deck’s pinch roller made of alcohol and ionic water.
And it was too much. That made its rubber harder and slippy.
Echo became dull, noisy and noncontinuous.

But silicon oil spray and sand paper treatment recovered, at least using tape leader pole.

I cleaned spring reverb also.
Touch spring directory makes awesome sound told youtube.


Free writing 29, June, 2018, Friday nightspringReverbRe201-2Re201PinchRoller

Maintenance of electronic musical instruments

I’m maintaining S3000XL, S900, M-160, Re-201, etc…
I opened S3000XL, S900, M-160 but not Re-201 yet.
Once I tried to open Re-201 and failed, I dropped a parts while I was removing screws and I left it to Official Support Center of Roland.

I’m using this contact cleaner

And Kure 5-56…😃

I could remove at least 50 % of contact noise with them!!!

But someday I want to wash print circuits, change some parts of  them like op-amps, power supply cables, etc …

And Re-201 needs demagnetize of heads, cleaning of roller, tape replacement etc…

DTM, Digital Audio Instruments Memo

Midi Thru

“What is a MIDI Thru?
A MIDI thru port provides a copy of the MIDI signal arriving at a corresponding MIDI in port. The data from the MIDI THRU socket can then go forward to the MIDI IN socket of another receiving device. … Software elements involved with routing MIDI data in computers are sometimes called MIDI thru utilities.”
Machine Drum’s Midi machine won’t output signal to Midi Thru.
That’s natural, but able to routing Midi signal from MachineDrum Midi machine to Midi Thru was preferable in my case…


Local Control

Midi Sync (Start, Stop, Clock)

Unsolved: Start Pattern of SP303 from MachineDrum


Akai s3000XL – Floppy Disk Drive cable replacement.

Normal FC-40P Data Cable replaceable? — Flat cable?

I have also S900, I heard it can use Zip drive.


I’m considering connect Mo drive to Akai S3000XL by this cable.

SCSIケーブル DB25オス-HDB50オス

Akai S3000XL archive of official page

My Ubuntu could install Mesa by wine but couldn’t Launch…

This site seems funny

I remember, Once I replaced Akai S900 floppy disk drive and EL Back-light.
*Floppy drive
*Flat cable